Haute Coiffure Achhammer

Alte Landstrasse 37 - 8706 Meilen

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#2 au classement des meilleurs coiffeurs de Zürich


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AVOID!!! On 26.06.2021, Alessia gave me a haircut at this salon. She cut my ear while doing it and did not tell me about it. It is a well-known fact that you do not always immediately feel pain following a cut to your ear. My ear was bleeding when I got back home and started hurting, and it has been hurting for over a week now. I would have gone back to the salon straightaway, but it had already closed by the time I got back home – it was a Saturday. I believe that she hid from me the fact that she had cut my ear and that it was bleeding. I work long hours and was unable to go back to the salon the following working week. I, however, rang the salon several times on different days and asked to speak to the owner, Jorg, to get a full refund. The owner left me a voicemail on 02.07.2021 and said that he wanted to see the cut. I went back to the salon on 03.07.2021 to show him the injury and demand a full refund. The owner was RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL. He has an ‘I-know-it-all’ attitude and knows NOTHING about quality customer care. He alleged that I was not telling the truth and suggested that the cut might have been caused by my mild acne and blemishes, which is utterly LUDICROUS, INAPPROPRIATE and UNACCEPTABLE. He refused to give me a full refund and had no concern for the fact that I, his customer, was clearly upset and had a bad experience at his salon. This is not about money but about principles, and he clearly has NO DECENCY. I told him that I would voice my opinion about his salon online and he replied rudely ‘Do it! Bye!’. The whole experience has put me off visiting this salon again – PLEASE AVOID THIS PLACE. I also have doubts if they disinfect their equipment after each client – I have been there twice and have not seen it being done. The owner certainly must learn that customers should be looked after at all levels, that their overall experience matters, and that they should be listened to and treated with respect. DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO PEOPLE LIKE THAT!

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